Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)Honeymoon in Vegas is a comedy released in 1992 by Columbia Pictures. The film follows the story of Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) who decides to propose to his girlfriend (Sarah Jessica Parker) and marry her in Las Vegas, despite the fact that he promised his mother that he would never get married. Ultimately, Jack loses his girlfriend before the ceremony even takes place, and has to get her back.

Honeymoon in Vegas was promoted with two taglines featured on its movie posters: "A comedy about one bride, two grooms, and 34 flying Elvises" and "It’s a love that’s All Shook Up!"

Cast and Crew of Honeymoon in Vegas

Honeymoon in Vegas was directed by Andrew Bergman and produced by Mike Lobell. Andrew Bergman also wrote the original screenplay. William Fraker served as cinematographer for the film, while Barry Malkin handled editing duties. David Newman composed the musical score for the film, which includes several rearrangements of classic Elvis Presley songs.

Honeymoon in Vegas stars Nicolas Cage playing Jack Singer and Sarah Jessica Parker playing his girlfriend Betsy. James Caan plays Tommy Korman, a swindling professional gambler. The supporting cast includes Peter Boyle (Chief Orman), Seymour Cassel (Tony Cataracts), Pat Morita (Mahi Mahi), Johnny Williams (Johnny Sandwich), John Capodice (Sally Molars), Robert Costanzo (Sidney Tomashefsky), Anne Bancroft (Bea Singer), Tony Shalhoub (Buddy Walker), and Burton Gilliam (Roy Bacon).

Plot Synopsis for Honeymoon in Vegas

Jack Swinger swears to his mother, on her deathbed, that he will never get married. However, several years later, Jack breaks his promise by proposing to Betsy, his girlfriend. Hoping to make the marriage as fast as possible, Jack arranges to have the wedding in Las Vegas. The couple arrive in Vegas and stay at the Bally’s Hotel.

Shortly before the wedding, the couple are gambling at a casino when Tommy Korman, a rich professional gambler, notices Betsy and sees a resemblance to his deceased wife. Korman rigs a poker game and Jack loses his savings of $65,000. Korman isn’t interested in the money, and instead offers to strike a deal with Jack. Korman says that if he can be allowed to spend a weekend with Betsy, he’ll erase the debt. Jack negotiates the deal, and makes sure that Korman understands that sex will be out of the question. Korman agrees and leaves with Betsy.

Jack is shocked to find that Korman has taken Betsy to Hawaii to visit his family and friends. Jack heads for Hawaii in order to retrieve Betsy, but Korman’s friend Mahi Mahi makes sure that Jack doesn’t come close to Betsy. Jack finally finds Korman house, but Korman attacks him and treats him as an intruder, calling for his arrest.

Dr. Molar bails Jack of out jail, but Mahi Mahi is waiting for Jack outside and tells him that Korman and Betsy have left, and that Korman is about to force Betsy into marriage. Jack races to the airport with Mahi Mahi hot on his trail.

Betsy refuses to be married to Korman, and eventually escapes from him. Jack finds himself on a wild goose chase trying to locate Betsy, moving from plane to plane and eventually arriving in San Jose. Jack desperately tries to find a flight to Vegas, and finally finds a small plane heading for the city. Jack is stunned, however, to realize during the flight that he’s aboard a plane with the "Flying Elvises," a skydiving troupe consisting of Elvis impersonators. Jack ultimately skydives into Las Vegas in order to find Betsy.

The movie concludes with Betsy and Jack marrying at a Las Vegas chapel. The Flying Elvises serve as witnesses and guests. Betsy is wearing a showgirl outfit, and Jack is still wearing his skydiving jumpsuit.

Soundtrack for Honeymoon in Vegas

Honeymoon in Vegas was notable for its soundtrack, which included a number of Elvis Presley songs covered by contemporary rock and country artists. Some of the hits include "Viva Las Vegas" performed by Bruce Springsteen, "Are You Lonesome Tonight" performed by Bryan Ferry, Billy Joel singing "Heartbreak Hotel" and "All Shook Up," John Mellencamp’s rendition of "Jailhouse Rock," Amy Grant singing "Love Me Tender," and Willie Nelson performing "Blue Hawaii."

Critical Reception of Honeymoon in Vegas

Honeymoon in Vegas received generally positive reviews from critics, many of whom cited the film as a fine example of campy, old-school comedy. Some reviewers found the film to be reminiscent of classic Cary Grant screwball comedies and Mel Brooks’ productions. Reviewers also mention that Sarah Jessica Parker and Nicolas Cage turn in solid performances, while James Caan steals the show.

Honeymoon in Vegas’s detractors state that the film is too one-dimensional to be appreciated, and that it’s simply a comedic version of Indecent Proposal.

Roger Ebert gave the film a very positive review, stating that there were plenty of laughs, and a plot so outrageous that it just happens to work. Roger Ebert was especially impressed with the way in which Andrew Bergman handled his directorial duties, and complemented both Nicolas Cage and James Caan on their appropriate, convincing acting performances.