Run (1991)

Run (1991)Run is an action film released in 1991 by Hollywood Pictures. Run follows the story of a law student who mistakenly kills a mobster’s son during a fight, and finds himself on the run from both the police and mob. The film was promoted with three taglines during its promotional period: "Pursued by the mob, hunted by the police… luck was his only weapon, and she his only hope," "Hunted by the mafia and the police, he’s running for his life," and "…Because your life depends on it!"

Cast and Crew of Run

Run was directed by Geoff Burrowes, and produced by Raymond Wagner and Fitch Cady. The screenplay was written by Michael Blodgett and Dennis Shryack. Phil Marshall and Scooter Pietsch composed the score for Run. Cinematography was handled by Bruce Surtees, while Jack Hofstra and Stephen E. Rivkin edited the film.

Run stars Patrick Dempsey and Kelly Preston in the leading roles of Charlie Farrow and Karen Landers. The cast also includes Ken Pogue, Alan C. Peterson, James Kidnie, Sean McCann, Michael MacRae, Tom McBeath, and Christopher Lawford.

Run has a running length of 91 minutes.

Plot Synopsis for Run

Run begins with Charlie Farrow, a Boston law student and mechanic, receiving an assignment from his boss. His boss wants him to deliver a Porsche to Atlantic City from his hometown of Boston. As he’s nearing his destination, the Porsche breaks down. Charlie brings the car to a repair shop, and while he’s waiting he is approached by a cab driver who mistakes him for a local high roller. The cab driver takes Charlie to an underground casino where he finds something to eat.

Charlie enters a poker game at the casino and beats Denny Halloran. A fight breaks out, and Denny trips and hits his head on a countertop, killing him instantly. It turns out that Denny was the son of a mobster, Matt Halloran. Matt is the owner of the casino, and has control over much of the police force.

Charlie is now on the run from Matt’s mob as well as the police, who believe that Charlie intentionally murdered Denny. A witness to the supposed crime named Karen Landers joins Charlie in his quest to escape his pursuers. Charlie’s pursuit takes him through amusement parks, shopping malls, bowling alleys, and a racetrack, all while avoiding the mob and the police. The film is packed with action and explosions.

The final confrontation occurs at a dog-race track owned by Matt Halloran. Matt is killed by a mechanical pacer greyhound and Charlie finally escapes.

Additional Information about Run

Tracy Pollan was originally slated to play the role of Karen Landers, though she was replaced by Kelly Preston.

Run grossed a total of $4,409,000 in the US. Despite making a modest profit at the box office, Run received mediocre critical reviews. Critics found the movie’s plot to be rather unbelievable, citing many situations where Charlie could’ve easily escaped without further conflict. Reviewers also found it unlikely that Matt Halloran would go to such lengths to avenge the accidental death of his son, considering that Denny was such a despicable character in the first place. Roger Ebert described the film as a "brainless exercise in how to use action as a substitute for thought."

Ultimately, Run can be viewed as a star vehicle for Patrick Dempsey, and a showcase for complicated stunts and action sequences. Fans of action films will likely find it worthwhile to watch Run, and the poker scene is easily appreciated by poker fans. Dempsey does many of his own stunts, and does a more than adequate job of portraying Charlie.