YouTube Poker Videos

Since its birth in 2005, YouTube has provided the world with videos of every conceivable variety. The game of poker has enjoyed an explosion in popularity, making its match up with the world’s largest video site inevitable. The resulting marriage between YouTube and poker has made the game more mainstream than ever before, increasing its popularity and bringing poker to new audiences.

Poker enthusiasts seek out YouTube poker videos for two main reasons—to learn more about the game and to watch professionals play poker games. No matter what the reason, YouTube provides an ideal environment for watching poker videos for any beginner, amateur, or professional.

Poker for Entertainment on YouTube

Poker’s wide appeal can undoubtedly be attributed, at least in part, to the massive money prizes that seem to follow the game wherever it goes. World Series of Poker champions like Doyle Brunson, Scotty Nguyen, and Chris Ferguson win millions in lucrative tournaments and online stars like Tom Dwan and Phil Galfond rack up the cash in high-stakes Internet heads-up matches (2006 World Series of Poker Main Event champion Jamie Gold took home $12 million.) YouTube provides free and easy access to big matches or tournaments while providing expert commentary and analysis.

YouTube also gives an insider look at minor tournaments not widely available on television. Viewers can also check out online poker tournaments, which are typically not televised. Watching poker on YouTube can bring out the most exciting parts of the game. A search for "biggest online poker pot" reveals several $1 million and up hands played on popular poker web sites. Watching tournaments on YouTube instead of television can also cut out the commercials and the more dull parts, such as hands that get thrown away.

Educational YouTube Poker Videos

Perhaps YouTube’s best asset, in a practical sense, is its ability to allow the regular poker enthusiast to become a student of the game. YouTube’s set-up is ideal for the visual learner, displaying step-by-step expert breakdown of moves by the professionals in real poker matches. Viewers can pause, rewind, or fast forward the video to accommodate their needs. Some poker educators have even set up instructional videos to help with various facets of the game, such as bluffing, slow playing, or betting with the nuts (best possible hand). Learning from online instructional videos can be the next best thing to hiring a personal coach.

Educational poker videos are available for basically any type of poker game, from Omaha to Texas Hold ‘Em to Five Card Draw to Seven Card Stud. Watching instructional videos can help a poker player transition from his or her favorite game to a new game with ease. Videos can tailor to different needs of different players. Some videos may help a player fix a particular flaw in his or her game; for example, a video may address common mistakes when bluffing.

Using YouTube to Access Poker Videos

YouTube offers an ideal environment to view videos on any topic, and poker is no exception. First, YouTube’s position as an undisputed leader means that a user has access to the best and broadest content from millions of users, leaving a virtual library of poker knowledge available at enthusiasts’ fingertips. Because of poker’s wide online appeal, YouTube’s poker audience is undeterminably large. Additionally, viewers can watch YouTube videos, either for entertainment or instruction, while playing poker games themselves. This potentially makes for improvement, as players can implement tactics from the YouTube videos into their own poker games. Viewers can also stop the videos at any time and resume watching at their leisure.

When searching for relevant YouTube content, stick to few words; try to use nouns and verbs. After a video appears, video responses will appear just below the video screen. The video responses area is a good place to check for additional content on the desired topic. On the sidebar to the right-hand side of the screen is the ‘More From’ section, which displays additional videos from the same user. This can be helpful if searching for more content from a particular professional or poker school. Below this section are related videos, which are especially helpful if viewing previously televised poker matches from the same event. Keep in mind not all content appearing in this section will be relevant – a search for "poker face" may result in finding the hit pop song instead of the famous poker expression.

Overall, YouTube provides a great environment for poker lovers and even those who are just beginning to experience what poker has to offer. The entertainment value of YouTube is unmatched by any other free video hosting web site, leaving viewers with millions of videos at their disposal. Although poker is ultimately a game of luck, there is undoubtedly some skill involved. Learning the game from different angles using YouTube can help even the most amateur player cash in. No matter what the reason, viewing YouTube poker videos can be a positive experience for anyone who is even slightly interested in poker.